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bloody foreigners...

Just when I was bathing in a warm glow of schadenfreude at the news of Scooter Libby's guilty verdict, John Reid comes out swinging. ( I won't go on about the timing of this new `initiative' when the cash-for-honours business is hotting up again, and I won't go on about the assault on individual liberties it implies.
What I do want to go on about is the language. I didn't see the interview with Reid on Breakfast Time because the builders have trashed our television aerial, so I don't know if he's being quoted out of context here, but what he's quoted as saying is:
"It is unfair that foreigners come to this country illegitimately and steal our benefits, steal our services like the NHS and undermine the minimum wage by working.''
Is this what we've come to? A Labour Home Secretary announcing policy in the same language as generations of right-wing cabbies? He's not so much a politician as an attack-dog. It's tabloid-pleasing politics at its worst and we all know that its implementation will be so expensive that it'll have to be watered down and probably quietly dropped in the end. It just gives Reid a chance to puff out his chest and jut his chin and look as if he's in control.


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