hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

if it's thursday night, it must be...

LOLSeth Lakeman!
Well, not really, but the Times ran an article today about the multitalented Man Of Devon and they attached a free download of a new track, and I know there are villagers who share my appreciation of The Sethster (and if you don't, you ought to check this chap out, he's really very good) So here it is. The link asks you to fill in your name, eddress, country, date of birth, and seems to assume you'll want to receive more emails about Seth. Basically it's a Shameless Marketing Ploy, and I can't get the damn thing to work anyway, although you do wind up on a page where you can watch a video of a very good track called `The Hurlers' with Seth Himself looking extremely hunky in a fiddle-and-rugged-coastline scenario and is worth checking out. Myself, screw the Shameless Marketing Ploy, I'll wait until I can get my hands on the new album. And in the meantime I'll be bombarded by Seth Lakeman emails.
Actually, I've listened to `The Hurlers' a couple of times now, and I think it's a magnificent track.

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