hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

okay, so we have a pair

I've been checking the Seattle Times most days (so you don't have to) for more news from the Islands Of Lost Feet but I hadn't checked today yet when this arrived from Thog, passed on from frostokovich. Many thanks, guys.
Briefly, the British Columbia Coroners Service says that two of the feet found along the coast of BC belong to the same chap. They also say that one of the other feet belonged to a woman. Whether this supports or rules out the Plane Crash Theory, I don't know.
I did check the Times, which reports the developments today, and adds, as a final mysterious paragraph, `Dean Hilderbrand, a forensic scientist working on the case, said officials have not yet contacted Swedish police about a similar foot found near Stockholm two days ago.' Dr Ebbesmeyer has yet to comment.

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