hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

a child called violence

I've had cause to wonder, today, what in the name of humanity is going on down in New Zealand. Apparently there's a fashion there for giving your children weird names, as evidenced by the recent case of Talulah Does The Hula From Hawaii, a nine-year-old girl who was recently taken into care so that her name can be changed.
New Zealand law doesn't allow names more than a hundred characters long, or ones that can cause offence, but beyond that it seems that local registrars have a certain amount of latitude. Among names turned down by registrars are `Yeah Detroit,' `Cinderella Beauty Blossom' and the twins `Fish' and `Chips' (remember, these are names that parents wanted to call their children.) On the other hand, names that have been allowed include `Violence,' `Number 16 Bus Shelter' (and I can only imagine that this is in commemoration of the place where the conception occurred) and `Benson' and `Hedges' (twins, again)
We live in an increasingly absurd world, I know, but this is just a little ridiculous. On the other hand, I'm toying with the idea of sticking a New Zealand character into Europe In Autumn. I just have to think of a daft enough name for them. Although `Violence' would do...
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