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and now the screaming starts...part three

Well, they say a picture paints a thousand words...

This is The Little Room With All The Boxes - temporarily renamed The Little Room With Three Walls after the builders removed one wall to make way for the stairs. They also made this hole...

through which the stairs will go up into the new bedroom. There have been some glitches this week; we were told the stairs would be in and the new rooms would be ready for first-fix plastering by yesterday, but the stairs are still not in because the builders couldn't find a stair fitter to do them this week. Imagine my mild bemusement to find out that fitting stairs is a specialist trade. But never mind; what is mildly important is that the above-pictured hole is still there. It leads into the loft, which has not been insulated. So though the windows are in, all the heat in the flat goes up through the hole and straight out through the roof. And a cold snap is coming, and indeed snow.
We've been lucky so far; it's been unseasonably mild, and today has been quite balmy after a chilly start. But the next couple of days will be cold.
Hopefully, the stairs will go in on Monday. We were promised a six-week build and we're only three weeks in, so I don't think we're doing that badly. The flat is nearly uninhabitable, though. And before anyone posts a question about why we didn't move into rented accommodation while all this was going on, this building work is being paid for with a mortgage which I not only have no chance of repaying before I die, but which I will be repaying when I'm reincarnated as some wee crawling creature. Anything we can do to keep costs down is good. And theoretically, we have reached the point of worst untidiness. Theoretically, it's all downhill from here. Theoretically.
If anyone who pops in here and reads this is thinking of having their loft done, let me do a public service and advise you: don't. It can't possibly be worth it.
Anyway, onward and upward.


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