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and so we go on

I guess there's no reason not to mention this. My short story `Multitude' has been bought by Ian Whates of Newcon Press for his forthcoming anthology entitled Subterfuge. This came as a bit of a surprise, as I only sent it him because I thought he just fancied reading it because Eric Brown had mentioned it to him.
Once again, I'm in the presence of considerable talent. The running-list looks like this:

1. John Meaney – Emptier than Void
2. Jaine Fenn – Collateral Damage
3. Gary Couzens – Jubilee Summer
4. Juliet McKenna – Noble Deceit
5. Pat Cadigan – Tales from the Big Dark: Lie of the Land
6. Neil Williamson – Moth
7. Tony Ballantyne – Underbrain
8. Tanith Lee – Under Fog (The Wreckers)
9. Sarah Singleton – They Left the City at Night
10. Steve Longworth – The God Particle
11. Una McCormack – The Great Gig in the Sky
12. Nik Ravenscroft – Time, Like an Ever-Rolling Stream
13. Neal Asher – The Rhine’s World Incident
14. (???? -- Orbiter competition winner)
15. Dave Hutchinson – Multitude

At 14 will be the winner of a competition open to all members of the BSFA Orbiter groups, and I'm afraid I don't know who that will be, although I may have a better idea next week because there will be a limited signed edition including stories by Ian Whates, Ian Watson and Storm Constantine and I'll be trying to meet up with Big Ian at some point to do my bit for the sign-in sheets.
Anyway, the anthology's being launched at Newcon 4 in Northampton in a couple of months.
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