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this week I have been mostly watching...

One of the builders shoulder-charged our television aerial in the course of his duties, and though he put it back more or less the way it was we lost about eighty percent of our analogue signal and about two-thirds of our digital reception, so I've been using the lack of mind-numbing channels to catch up on my DVD viewing and I'd like to commend to you the following:

The Prestige. I can't recommend this film highly enough. Chris Priest's novel is one of the great novels of the last twenty years, and the film is a wonderful act of adaptation. I knew how the trick was done already, so to speak, and I still felt completely satisfied. A marvellous thing. Why aren't more movies like this?

Primer. Probably made for less than they paid David Bowie for his cameo in The Prestige, a time travel story built around a rigorous set of recursions that you only gradually realise lead back beyond the beginning of the film and out beyond its end. I had to watch it a number of times and I'm still not sure I have it straight in my head. A marvellous act of imagination and film making.

The Host. Utterly demented Korean horror/satire. Very very funny and with one of the best monsters I've seen in a long time.

Avalon. So far as I'm aware, this is the only live-action feature made by Mamoru Oshii, director of Ghost In The Shell. It was filmed in Poland, in Polish, with Polish actors, which must have made for an interesting shoot, and it stars Malgorzata Foremniak, probably the world's most beautiful woman after Bogna. It also has one of the best depictions of virtual reality I've seen in a feature film, and a song that I literally can't get out of my head.

I also want to commend to anyone who's listening the BBC's Life On Mars. I don't know whether anyone who didn't grow up in the North of England in the 1970s would find this as funny and affecting as I do, but it's definitely worth a look.
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