hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

geoffrey perkins...

...whose name will mean nothing even to most Brits, but who produced some of the best radio and television comedy in the past twenty or thirty years, and who is reported to have died in a road accident in London.
His track record in television and radio was extraordinary, but I'll always remember him as a performer on Radio Active and its somewhat less-successful television version KYTV. The Radio Active version of Martin Chuzzlewit had to be heard to be believed, and it gave a home to Phil Pope's inspired musical spoofs, including The Heebeejeebees and their almost-hit `Meaningless Songs In Very High Voices.'
I'm not so sure about the claim that he was responsible for thinking up `Mornington Crescent' - I seem to recall hearing a slightly different story about that when Humphrey Lyttleton died - but we'll see.
Anyway, as a producer he had a huge effect on British comedy, although as head of BBC tv comedy he also had to shoulder the blame for a few duds, but nobody's perfect. The new Harry Enfield-Paul Whitehouse series, which starts soon on BBC1, is going to be bittersweet.

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