hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

a hard rain's falling

It's hard this evening not to think of the people of New Orleans, the majority of whom are not actually in New Orleans at the moment. The latest news I have is that the surge is over the levees in some places and there's been some flooding but the pumps are keeping up with it, although the city's not out of the woods yet by any means.
I know the city's flood defences are in the process of being rebuilt and reinforced, but Katrina hit land as a strong 3 and Gustav appears to have arrived as a 2; what happens when a strong 4 reaches the Gulf Coast? Is New Orleans going to have to be evacuated every August/September, just in case? Can Louisiana afford to give the city all the protection it could ever need, even in the worst case?
One of the most poignant things I saw over the weekend was a short interview with a woman from New Orleans whose house was devastated three years ago and who only got the keys to her new house three weeks ago. She was waiting for a train out of the city.
You could honestly forgive those people for thinking that the Wrath of God was coming back, over and over again.

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