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it was 25 years ago today...

BBC Parliament did this wonderful thing yesterday. I must admit the 25th anniversary of the Falklands War kind of snuck up on me, but flicking through what few television channels remain to us at the moment (someone is coming to fit a new aerial, really) I found BBC Parliament telling the story of the war by running four hours of news programmes from April 1982. News broadcasts, editions of Newsnight and Question Time, stuff like that. Here were Nick Witchell, fresh-faced and still with his puppy-fat, not suspecting that one day he would wind up as the BBC's Royal correspondent, John Humphrys already starting to go grey, Sir Robin Day, Peter Snow, Labour MPs (from the days before New Labour) no one has heard of since. It was such a simple, effective idea I'm amazed they only ran it on a channel with about six viewers.

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