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and now the screaming starts...part five

Well, wasn't that an interesting week...
For those of you who haven't been bored witless by this unending circus, Monday brought the arrival of The Plasterer. I was at home on Monday waiting for the delivery of the hardware and software which will make our broadband connection work (no, we don't have broadband yet and I don't particularly want it, but it's another story) when The Plasterer arrived, and I think I can safely say I have never seen a British workman work like that. At around five in the evening I popped upstairs to see how he was getting on, and he was still working. We had a chat and I went away again. At six, I popped upstairs again and he was still at it. I mentioned that time was getting on and he might reasonably consider going home, but no, he wanted to get the job done. He finally left around half past eight, when the light started to go and he couldn't see what he was doing (we still haven't had the lights connected up upstairs)
Tuesday, he brought his own lights and he would not go away. I went out on Tuesday night.
On Wednesday night, he was here until ten o'clock at night.
On Thursday night he was here until half past nine (thursday also brought a leak in the new piping upstairs which dripped through the kitchen ceiling and necessitated a hole being cut in the ceiling - which will have to be replastered anyway when we have the kitchen done, but after a pretty intense few days at work I wasn't wildly impressed to come home and find the plumber cutting a hole in our kitchen ceiling. My sense of humour is a fragile thing at the best of times, as you'll all know, but around then it evaporated completely.)
Friday - that's Good Friday to you, a National Holiday - The Plasterer turned up and worked for twelve hours to finish the plastering.
I have mixed emotions about this week's events. First, it would have been such a blessing if I could have had some peace when I got home from work, but no, The Plasterer was here. I became grumpy. Oh, all right, grumpier.
Second, the work he's done is outstanding. He worked sometimes fourteen hours a day, and I've never seen plastering done so well. And it was a big job, probably the last major piece of work, and he did it all on his own. He wouldn't be reasoned with, he wouldn't be negotiated with, he was going to plaster until he was ready to stop, and he did a brilliant job. Anyone wants to employ him, I have his phone number. I believe he may be a national treasure.
So, where are we now? Well, pretty obviously we didn't make the six-week deadline. There is still much to be done. The lights and sockets need to be connected, the wood-effect flooring (I wanted carpet, but never mind) needs to be laid. The toilet for the Bathroom In The Sky won't be delivered until Monday or Tuesday. But, but...
But we are nearly finished. I cannot recommend this as an experience. If any Villager thinks to themselves, "We need a bit more space, let's have our loft converted," I can only say, try clearing out all the stuff you don't need instead in order to make room - it's cheaper, less invasive, and you won't go more or less out of your mind.
I've been so grumpy this weekend that I haven't taken any photographs for your amusement; I'll do that when my mood improves. And no, the broadband stuff  still hasn't been delivered.
To the Villagers who observe Easter, Happy Holidays.

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