hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

stop press from the islands of lost feet

I'm indebted to pds_lit for bringing to my attention the news that yet another sneaker-clad disarticulated foot has been found in the Pacific Northwest. This makes seven since August last year. The irony of this is that last week, for the first time in some months, I checked the Post-Intelligencer to see if there had been any activity and everything seemed quiet.
Something has only just occurred to me. All these feet seem to be washing up in the same relatively small area. If we follow the slightly eerie wisdom of Dr Ebbesmeyer, this is because currents are simply bringing them here, but if that's true, why hasn't this been happening for years? Have the currents changed over the past year and a half? Has there been a sudden influx of dead folks in just the right place? Is there something about the modern sports shoe which lends itself to this kind of thing? And who, in the name of christ, are all these people?

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