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if it's wednesday morning, it must be...

...yet another spurious meme!
This one is from our very own altariel, and it takes a bit of work. You answer twelve questions about yourself, and enter each answer in Flickr's search box. Pick a picture from the first three pages of results. Copy the url, and paste it into the mosaic maker (remembering to set it for three columns of four rows.)
The twelve questions are:

1. First Name:
2. Favorite Food:
3. Hometown:
4. Favorite Color:
5. Celebrity Crush:
6. Favorite Drink:
7. Dream Holiday:
8. Favorite Dessert:
9. What I Want To Be When I Grow Up:
10. What I Love Most In The World:
11. One Word That Describes Me:
12. My LiveJournal Name:

And when you've done all that, you can paste into your blog something that looks like this:

Don't forget to paste in the credits the mosaic maker gives you:

1. Dave et Meuse, 2. Pork-Chops, 3. 1983.08 Friern Barnet Psychiatric Hospital, 4. lonely planet - Maldives, 5. Kathleen Byron - Black Narcissus, 6. Bell's 8 [empty], 7. Gdansk, 8. Ice cream day dream, 9. River Typewriter, No. 2, 10. Pudge - Leave Me Alone, I'm Sleeping!, 11. Reminder to Self: Slow Down on the Caffeine, 12. Starsky & Hutch (Bethnal Green)

'Nuff said.

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