hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

meet the new year. same as the old year

I hadn't noticed this before but, in much the same way as the Queen has a Christmas Message, it seems that the Prime Minister has a New Year's one.
In his Address To The Nation this year, Gordon admitted 2009 `won't be easy' but "The scale of the challenges we face is matched by the strength of my optimism that the British people can and will rise to meet them."
This comes in the wake of a speech a few weeks ago when he invoked the Spirit Of The Blitz and implored us all to pull together.
So it's official, then. No ideas left. No more plans. Just cheesy rhetoric and crossed fingers. Presumably if everything really goes tits up now it'll be our fault for not rising to the challenges.
You know, I really believed in these guys back in '97. What a mug.
Happy New Year, one and all.
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