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the lives of royals

The big story this weekend has been the News of The World getting hold of a video made by Prince Harry a couple of years ago in which he refers to an Army colleague using a racist term. There has been a predictable shitstorm about this, fuelled in no small part by Sky News (owned by Murdoch, as is the NoTW) with many commentators rushing to condemn said epithet.
Now, okay, it's not a nice thing to call someone, but the Army is a world apart and the standards we would like to hew to on civvy street often don't apply. I suspect that if some of the people who have been queuing up to condemn Harry spent a couple of months in the Army it would utterly destroy their minds. And while we're talking about the holier-than-thou NoTW, which has once again dragged itself kicking and screaming onto the moral high ground, if those same commentators spent a couple of weeks in the newsroom of a national paper it would also destroy their minds.
But so far I haven't seen anyone wondering how a private video filmed by Prince Harry wound up in the hands of the NoTW.

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