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a labour mp talks bhxtchse

Graham Stringer, Labour MP for Manchester Blackley, is no stranger to controversy, or indeed the media. Last September he wrote an article in the Mail On Sunday publicly questioning Gordon Brown's leadership, saying in part, "In the months to come, Friday, September 12 will be viewed as the beginning of the end for Gordon Brown’s premiership. Certainly, it was the day I knew beyond doubt that the change I have long believed vital for the future of the Parliamentary Labour Party and the country was no longer a matter of ‘if’ but a very definitive ‘when’."

Graham survived that with his life and his constituency intact, although I doubt Gordon's going to give him a Ministerial post any time soon.

Anyway, he's been at it again, writing in a column on a Manchester news website saying that dyslexia is just children being confused by poor teaching methods.
He writes, in part, "dyslexia is a cruel fiction."
Actually, what he wrote was, "dyslexia is a xcdrl fbchoid."
Silly mnjg.

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