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state of the cat

Kuron's up and down, but mostly he's bright and attentive and so far, so good.
To give him all the procedures he needed to have at the hospital, they had to shave him even more than he was already, mostly on his sides to do the ultrasound scans, and on his chest to, I think, take bone marrow samples.
Because he's on immunosuppressants we have to be really careful he doesn't pick up any more infections, and because he's been shaved and he has a habit of sitting in draughts, we were worried that he might pick up a chest infection.
So Bogna made him this.

Now, I'm aware this looks weird and it looks as if we're anthropomorphising him rather more than he already is, but the sole purpose of this weird garment is to keep the draughts off his chest, and if it does its job and stops him getting pneumonia, that's fine with me.
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