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state of the cat

Kuron had his blood test on thursday, and his red-cell count is down, which we expected. It's not down dangerously, though, so hope still springs.
Of course, because it's Kuron life wouldn't be the same without the little surprises, and it turns out he's actually put on weight during this most recent crisis. He's eating a lot now, and drinking a lot, and peeing like a horse. He's started to pee like a horse in the bedroom, which we would normally regard as a sign something is wrong with him, but he's also using the litter tray quite happily, which makes us think he simply gets taken short. Still, we're keeping an eye on him.
He spends much of the day asleep, which he always did, and he's a wee bit wobbly on his feet, which is probably because of the medication he's on, but when he's up and about he's bright and vocal and actually seems more like his old self.
So. We'll see.
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