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he shoots, he scores! - The Villages

Date: 2009-03-11 15:47
Subject: he shoots, he scores!
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I never bothered to check how many news sites do this, but for a lot of its stories the BBC News website links to other sites for connected stories. In an idle moment today I looked at this story, about David Beckham not being worried about the reception of the fans when he goes back to LA Galaxy.
What caught my eye, though, was the list of `other sport sites' on the right-hand side. There is the Indy, talking about how Beckham's going to be booed when he goes back to the Galaxy. There is the LA Times, with a story about someone called Landon Donovan. There is the China Daily, talking about how Victoria's `delaying' a baby. And there's...The Biggleswade Chronicle.
Just made me smile, all's I'm saying.
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