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things you can do with the internet

Ever since Thog turned me on to Jamendo I've been blissfully exploring the wild and wonderful byways of its musical content. And it's an absolute delight. I spent one evening last week plundering its stock of Polish albums. As with everything else, the Poles have a completely different take on music - Polish hip-hop is unlike anything I ever heard before - and I found some `nu-folk' albums which seem to take the likes of Tunng as their starting point and jump off in rather unexpected directions.
But I'm currently obsessed with a French band called Trust No One (confusingly listed on Jamendo as Trustno1) who have listened to Mike Oldfield's entire canon far too many times. The mighty Escampette, for example, wears its family resemblance to the first side of Oldfield's Incantations very lightly, but there are moments of real genius here too, I think.
If you haven't checked Jamendo out before, I urge you to do so. As Thog said, there is much here which is terrible. But there is also much here which, in its own way, is rather remarkable.
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