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state of the cat

sarcobatus reminded me a couple of days ago that I hadn't done a State Of The Cat post for a while, and quite right too.
There's not a whole lot to tell, though, really. At his last blood test, Kuron's red cell count was down a fraction again, although his doctor sounded cautiously optimistic that it wasn't any worse than it was. Having said that, we're no closer to knowing the cause of the anaemia. All we can hope is that the immunosuppressants are finally getting some traction on whatever the hell is wrong with him.
The thing we're most concerned about right now is that he's losing weight again. He was a few grammes down the last time he was weighed at the vet's, but we think it's more than that now. He gets his next check-up in about a week and a half, and we'll see then.
He seems fine in himself, although he continues to leave us little presents around the flat, while being able to use the litter tray perfectly happily. My own feeling is that the medication's making him dopey. Bogna thinks he might be senile. But he was such a weird cat to start with, it's hard to tell.
We've resigned ourselves to the idea that he might not be around much longer - in fact, the odds are against him - but so far he seems to be holding his own.

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