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The Villages

Date: 2009-03-25 00:39
Subject: ookaay....
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I am:
Isaac Asimov
One of the most prolific writers in history, on any imaginable subject. Cared little for art but created lasting and memorable tales.

Which science fiction writer are you?

'Nuff said. Can't see it myself, mind.
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User: rou_killingtime
Date: 2009-03-25 02:07 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I am:
Olaf Stapledon
Standing outside the science fiction "field", he wrote fictional explorations of the futures of whole species and galaxies.

I have no idea if I'm anything like Olaf Stapledon as I'm not all that familiar with his work, and have no idea what he was like as a person...

From all of Asimov's author's notes that he included in his short story anthologies, he came across as very open and likable. He had a great sense of humour (even if he bemoaned not being able to express that in his fiction) and was apparently something of a prankster.

Are you sure you're not much like him? ;-)
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User: hutch0
Date: 2009-03-25 23:49 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Well, if you put it like that...

I don't know anything about Stapledon, either, but First And Last Men is an outstanding novel.
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