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drop dead fred

Last night, the Edinburgh home of Sir Fred Goodwin was attacked by vandals. Some windows were smashed and a car was damaged.
This was, of course, perfectly predictable. Fred has become the jeering, leering, horned face of corporate greed in Britain, Destroyer of Banks, Murderer of Children, Rapist of Women, Drowner of Cats... Well, you get the idea.
It's hard to hate an organisation. It's even harder to punish it, to chastise it. It needs a human face, a hate figure, someone with a home you can track down and trash. A bank's a thing, a concept. You can't hate a bank. You need people, warm bodies to bitch-slap, recognisable faces. This is especially true of the media, who like to deal in personalities because the facts and figures are obscure and confusing and not wildly sexy. A table of figures and graphs doesn't look good on the front page. A picture of Fred Goodwin under the headline `BASTARD!' works far better.
The affair of Fred Goodwin's pension made him the personification of all the evil that has led us to the state we're in now. So the only surprise about the attack on his home is that it took so long.

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