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state of the cat

Kuron had his blood test and weight check at the beginning of last week, and the results weren't too promising. He's lost more weight, and the test showed that pretty much every value of importance was down on the previous test.
But we got a call from his doctor at the Royal Veterinary College, to whom his test results had been copied, saying that we should take him up to Potters Bar for a scan of his kidneys and a transfusion and some new medication.
So we schlepped him up there on Wednesday morning, and they did blood tests of their own, and their results were more promising. They gave him a transfusion, tested his urine and pronounced it good and not worthy of a scan, and put him on cyclosporin.
My impression is that the doctor at Potters Bar thinks the medication is finally starting to gain some traction on Kuron's anaemia and that it's worth giving him more treatment - this is the doctor who a few weeks ago suggested that we might like to think about having Kuron put to sleep.
While this is all very heartening, what we're doing now, as far as I understand it, really is the last throw of the dice. If Kuron doesn't respond to the combination of the cyclosporin and the leukerin which he was already on, there seems not to be a Plan C.
In the meantime, with a circulatory system teeming with fresh red cells, he's in pretty good shape, although still leaving us little messages of joy in inappropriate places. We've also been told to start ramping down the steroids he was prescribed for the inflammatory bowel disease, which is going to take a couple of months because it has to be done gradually.
Kuron remains seriously ill, although in himself he seems fine. But there seems to be a sense now that we're not fighting a losing battle, that we might have turned a corner. We'll see.
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