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day one

It's amazing what a couple of Polish lads can accomplish with a bunch of power tools and about eight hours of work.
I went to work around quarter to nine on friday morning and we still had a kitchen, albeit completely empty after a mad scramble to finish clearing it the night before. I got home about half past six that evening and the kitchen was gone. All the units, the sink, the flooring, all the tiles off the walls, everything in the skip outside. Standing in the middle of this bare room was the cooker, which the boys probably didn't have enough time to get down the stairs and out to the skip.
Everything was clean and tidied up. So. So far, so good.
We discovered on friday night that our microwave had started making some rather alarming noises. It coped with baked potatoes okay, but Bogna refused to use it any more. It was probably fixable, but that would have taken some time and we need it, so Bogna went out and bought a new one yesterday and it's now in the living room, along with the fridge, while the toaster, kettle and freezer have migrated to the bedroom upstairs. Everything else that used to be in the kitchen is sort of scattered around the flat and once again the place is a total mess.
We're starting to develop coping strategies, although I can't see doing the washing up in the bathroom sink ever seeming anything but strange. Bogna thinks we should be back in the kitchen in about ten days' time.
Of course, it's a lot easier to tear things up and smash them down than it is to build them, so we'll see how good Krszysz and his mate are when they start actually putting stuff into the kitchen. There was a bit of a moment when it looked as though one of the worktops was going to be delivered a week late, but we got that sorted out.
The cats appear to have taken all this in their stride and after some initial bemusement and annoyance they don't even seem to mind that the doorway to the kitchen is blocked up with a bit of plywood.
So, on we go.

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