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The Villages

Date: 2009-05-11 23:32
Subject: day three
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You see what I did there? I skipped the two non-working days over the weekend.
Anyhoo. The day started well with Bogna making breakfast in the bedroom and the toaster setting off the smoke alarm. We need to move the toaster somewhere.
So I went to work this morning and the cooker and much of the inside of the kitchen was still there. I came home this evening and most of the ceiling was missing. Just bare laths, though which cold air is blowing. It was actually warmer in here when they took the roof off to convert the attic, and that was in February.
Also gone is some flooring and quite a lot of the plaster. Oh, and one wall.
The good news is that a structural engineer came in this morning and had a look at things and pronounced the wall between the kitchen and the bathroom to be essentially sound - it's only cracked because it's not attached to the outside wall, and as the house has settled over the years and multiple phases of conversion have gone on cracks have appeared. It doesn't need joisting, just a few ties fitted. Which is good, because at one point the spectre of having it taken down completely and rebuilt had reared its ugly head.
We are, apparently, still on track to finish by the weekend after next. The demolition is pretty much completed. They'll rebuild the ceiling and fit the ties and replaster over the next couple of days, then fit new floorboards. The first units arrive on friday, and the rest arrive on monday. And so we go on.
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