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days six and seven

For those of you who haven't fallen asleep at the merest mention of the words `our kitchen,' things are moving on apace. The plan to build a wall that was half wall and half glass bricks was abandoned when Krszysz very sensibly pointed out that if we built the wall out fully it would restrict our access to the kitchen. So the glass bricks were dropped and the wall was only built halfway out. I know, it sounds weird, but oddly it makes our landing symmetrical for the first time since the house was converted.
With the sink and its attendant worktops and cupboards out of the way, Bogna finally got a close-up look at the kitchen window. The sashes were getting a bit rotten and would have needed replacing soon, but Bogna and Krszysz had a conflab and decided the whole thing had to go. Yesterday afternoon, Bogna remembered that one of her clients does double-glazing. She rang him up, gave him the measurements, they made up the window, delivered it mid-morning today, and it's now been installed. Which is possibly the smoothest anything has ever gone for us since we go married.
Not much has been done to the physical structure of the kitchen. The half-wall's up, the wiring's done, and today the boys put in the window, entirely revised the drainage both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, and replaced the downpipe on the outside wall. The ceiling's up and we have enough lights to guide a 747 in to a safe landing.
So. End of the first week, with another week and a half to go. Apart from the plastering, which will surely need a couple of days to go off before the cupboards can be hung on the walls, I think we're still on track. I'm promised cooking capability by this time next week. We'll see.
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