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days twelve through fifteen

I think I lost track of days somewhere, but anyway, Wednesday to Saturday. Wednesday evening I came home and the entire kitchen-space was full of assembled cupboard units, to the extent that it was difficult to actually get into the kitchen-space.
Thursday, the lads put the cupboards in their assigned places, and that's where the problems began. In Bogna's vision of our new kitchen, one wall is occupied by two rows of cupboards above a worktop, and on said worktop will stand the kettle and the toaster and some other stuff, including the microwave, which needs a certain amount of clearance above it. Bogna has planned this project to tolerances which would make a NASA engineer blanch, and unfortunately the lads had not hewed to them. They learned that this was a mistake.
The upshot of all this was that on Friday all the cupboards had to come off the wall again and the top row had to have exactly six centimetres cut off them and then be put back on the wall. Other units had to be shifted left or right by centimetres. Bogna came home on Friday evening, went into the kitchen-space with her tape measure, and emerged forty minutes later pronouncing herself satisfied.
However, this extra work meant that we had lost another day, to add to the day we lost when the lads did all the unplanned replumbing and window replacement. And the oven, extractor hood, sink and dishwasher won't be delivered until Wednesday.
Yesterday, the lads came in for four hours and fitted the worktops, and they'll be back for an indeterminate time on Bank Holiday Monday to do more stuff, but, Bogna's promises notwithstanding, I still cannot cook in the kitchen.
I was quite looking forward to this weekend. Bogna's back in Poland until Tuesday for some more dental work, it's a Bank Holiday weekend, I was told the hob and the sink would be usable and I would be able to do some primitive cooking. Peace and quiet, a chance to do some tidying up, knuckle down to some writing. A chance to get some sleep.
Not going to happen. Today will be a rest day, and then it all starts again.
To be fair, all but three of the units are installed, the worktops are in and only need some slight adjustment, and we're two weeks and one day into a build I was promised would last two and a half weeks, so if you factor in the lost days and the late delivery of some of the hardware, we're not doing that badly, and it does actually look kind of like a kitchen now. The build has to end on Friday, whatever happens, because Krszysz's mate Jarek, who's been doing most of the fiddly stuff, is going back to Poland next Saturday.
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