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day...whatever day this is...

We're in something of a limbo at the moment. The kitchen is finished, apart from some accessories, and very nice it looks, too. The oven and hob are in, all the lights are connected, the cupboards and worktops are in, the floor's been laid and it's just awaiting one more coat of paint.
Unfortunately, one of the accessories we lack at the moment is a sink. Bogna ordered one with a drainer on the left-hand side, but when it was delivered the lads realised that if they tried to install it they would have to cut through the fittings holding the cupboard and worktop together. So it had to go back and a new one with a right-hand draining board ordered. Bogna phoned yesterday to see when it would be delivered, only to discover that the supplier had actually put the order in five minutes previously, rather than a week earlier when we told them about it.
So. No sink till Friday, which means the lads can't connect up the dishwasher until it arrives. Which means they're at a bit of a loose end and if they go off and take on another job we might not see them again for another couple of months, so in order to hang on to them Bogna asked them to do all the decorating that we didn't do after the attic was converted. Tomorrow they're going to mend the damage on the bathroom side of the wall and lay some new flooring, and, God willing and with a fair wind and a favourable conjunction of the stars, the sink and the rest of the bits and pieces will arrive the day after, and by the weekend this madness will be over and I'll be able to cook again.
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