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rotten boroughs

Well, that's been a hell of a couple of days. Yesterday Jacqui Smith announced she was going to stand down as Home Secretary, and three other MPs also said they were quitting. Then, this morning, Hazel Blears announced she was standing down too. Her timing was poor, from Gordon's point of view. Tomorrow are the European and local elections, in which the government is expected to receive a bloody good hiding. She also did it an hour and a half or so before Prime Minister's Questions, but that wasn't such a big issue because David Cameron unaccountably didn't manage to lay a glove on Gordon.
Things are not looking good for the government. The expenses thing has accounted for a number of MPs, some of whom will be leaving under a cloud, and now it seems there's a letter circulating among backbenchers calling for Gordon to step down. He won't, of course. He spent a decade waiting for his chance to be Prime Minister and the keys to Number Ten will have to be pried from his cold dead fingers.
I can't remember anything quite like this happening before.

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