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The Villages

Date: 2009-06-20 00:31
Subject: and as if that weren't news enough for one night...
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Location:the utility room in the sky
My novella, The Push, will be published by NewCon Books sometime this Autumn too, but I'm not planning to announce that more widely until next week, when hopefully I'll be able to pummel a publishing date out of Big Ian Whates.
Here's the cover, by the cuddly and ever-so-slightly award-winning Andy Bigwood.

'Nuff said.

(edited, because I really shouldn't have put that pic up yet)
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User: sarcobatus
Date: 2009-06-20 00:49 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I certainly hope it gets distributed over here!

Huge Congrats, Hutch! Looks good!
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User: hutch0
Date: 2009-06-20 01:10 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Many thanks. It will certainly be available on that Amazon. In the shops...probably not. I'm lucky NewCon are publishing it; the market for novellas is pretty tough. Interzone thought about it for a while and then decided it was just too long and not good enough to justify taking up a huge amount of the magazine, which was fair enough.
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