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veerry interesting...

You probably missed it, but a while ago I posted a thing for Thog about Fox News losing Egypt. But that's not important. Thog and sarcobatus had the usual knockabout fun with the story and I forgot about it.
Until a little while ago, when someone else commented on it. The someone calls themself teddaily, and their comment reads:

Congratulations! Our selection committee compiled an exclusive list of the Top 100 fantasy novels Blogs, and yours was included! Check it out at

You can claim your Top 100 Blogs Award Badge at



teddaily's LJ is a quiet place. Peaceful. Tumbleweed blow through it. It looks a lot like the shopfronts set up by our Russian friends a little while ago. But the links do lead to a site called The Daily Reviewer (I checked it out from work; they can deal with any viruses) which seems kosher and includes links to a number of writer websites.
Obviously, the idea of the villages winning any kind of award is absurd and the idea of it winning a top fantasy novel blog is surreal.
Once again, though, if this is spam, it seems a faintly pointless kind of spam, but as before, heads up in case you get a message from these guys. I googled The Daily Reviewer and they seem to be handing out Top 100 awards to people for many, many different things.

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