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ego warning! ego warning!

Max Jakubowski gave me a heads-up about this a few months when he got a review copy, but it wasn't until today that I got my hands on a copy of Best New Science Fiction 22, whose Summation reads, in part:

`One of last year's strongest anthologies, appearing unexpectedly out of nowhere, was disLOCATIONS, edited by Ian Whates, from very small press publisher NewCon Press. This year, Whates and NewCon Press published three original anthologies: Subterfuge, Celebration and Myth-Understandings. None of these is quite as strong as disLOCATIONS, but all contain good stories of all types, and all deserve your attention. The strongest of these is Subterfuge, which, probably not coincidentally, considering my tastes, contains the highest percentage science fiction (although all three anthologies contain a mix of SF and fantasy.) Best stories here are by Neal Asher and John Meany, but there are also good SF stories here by Pat Cadigan, Una McCormack, Tony Ballantyne, and others. The best of the fantasy stories are by Tanith Lee and Dave Hutchinson. The best story in Celebration, an anthology commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the British Science Fiction Association, is a Phildickian piece by Alastair Reynolds, but there's good work, both SF and fantasy, by Stephen Baxter, Jon Courtney Grimwood, Ken MacLeod, Dave Hutchinson, Brian Stableford, Liz Williams and Molly Brown. The weakest of the three anthologies is Myth-Understandings, which features mostly fantasy. Best story here is Tricia Sullivan's, although there's also strong work by Liz Williams, Justina Robson, Pat Cadigan, Kari Sperring, and others.'

My two stories also got in the Honourable Mentions section, as did three by Thog, and altariel's marvellous `The Great Gig In The Sky,' while the mighty time_shark's anthology Clockwork Phoenix was mentioned in the Summation (along with Thog's name again) and the name of Norilana Books popped up more than once.
You'll have to forgive me for going on like this, but this doesn't happen to me every day. Most days, I actually wonder whether I'm not just wasting my time, and then something like this happens and I start to think I might actually be making some headway.
I did get an Honourable Mention once before, for `A Dream Of Locomotives.' So far Gardner hasn't liked my stuff enough to actually put one of the stories in the book, but I have a sense I'm wearing him down slowly...
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