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we don't need no education...

Just a quickie; I'll reply to your messages tomorrow, if I may, but I was just watching the half-hour segment of the CBS Evening News that Sky shows between half twelve and one in the morning (I'm on holiday, okay?) and I was struck by the furore about President Obama's speech about education.
I have to admit I haven't really been paying attention to this over the past couple of days because I've been occupied, but it occurs to me that if schools are giving parents permission to take their children out because the President is making a speech to those children about education, he's in a lot of trouble.
Okay, this has all been whipped up by the wingnuts, but he's not been President for a year yet and as far as I can see he hasn't made any mistakes so far, at least nothing on the level of his predecessor. What in God's name is going to happen when he stumbles? And he will stumble, everyone does.

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