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parrot pr0n

For the past few weeks Stephen Fry and zoologist Mark Carwardine have been retracing the steps of Carwardine and Douglas Adams's seminal book Last Chance To See, which was first published in 1990 as the companion to a BBC radio series about endangered species. I think the book was the first to introduce to the world the marvellous diversity of wildlife on Madagascar - and, incidentally, the aye-aye.
Anyway, the Fry/Cawardine series has been very entertaining, and yes, they did encounter aye-ayes in the wild, which was something to see.
But they also encountered the Kakapo, an enormous flightless New Zealand parrot. There are only about 125 Kakapo left on Earth, and they all, apart from a few recent chicks, have names - that's how few of them there are. They're also, if this one is anything to go by, incredibly randy. This kind of thing never happens to Attenborough.

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