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I just want to say many thanks to everyone for their best wishes; it really is very kind of you all. Things have been quite strange here since last weekend. He'd been with us for the best part of ten years, and I keep expecting to hear him howling for something or other, or find him sitting on the bed in the morning. It's still hard to say how Dougal and Kasia are taking it. Kuron and Dougal came to us together - they were presents bought for the daughter of one of Bogna's co-workers by her boyfriend, and when the couple split up the kittens went home with her. Her father didn't like cats at all, and we rescued them, so Dougal and Kuron had been together for a long time. However, when we got Kasia a few years ago Dougal became utterly infatuated with her and pretty much abandoned Kuron. He seems a little down at the moment, but we might just be over-reacting. Kasia shows no sign of realising Kuron's gone.
One rather touching thing happened yesterday. We called the Royal Veterinary College to let them know he'd gone, and yesterday we got a condolence card from his doctor, a proper handwritten card saying how sad he was to hear of Kuron's death. They really are brilliant people up there.

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