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book plug

Right. It's about time I started plugging books here, so the village bookshop is now open and the first volume I want to big up - and long overdue, it is, too, is With Nine You Get Vanyr by Jean Marie Ward and Teri Smith. Those who know the story will know what a bitter delight it is to finally read this book. It's a marvel, it really is.
The second book I want to mention is Eric Brown's Helix. Eric does place better than almost any science fiction writer I know of, and he's created for himself a place easily the equal of the Ringworld. It also strikes me, going back to a rant I had a while ago, that it's ideal entry-level science fiction, full of sense of wonder but properly focused on character.
Finally, it's not a book but I want to commend to you the BBC's new serial Jekyll, a modern retelling of Doctor Jekyll And Mister Hyde written by Steven Moffat, who created the wonderful comedy Coupling and more recently wrote one of the best episodes of Doctor Who I've ever seen (although not the best - Paul Cornell gets that gong) I'm a bit concerned at how Jekyll is going to develop - there's a bizarre conspiracy subplot rearing its ugly head and I think it might be too long at six hour-long episodes - but I enjoyed part one immensely and I'm looking forward to the next one.


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