October 27th, 2006


well that sucks...

Environment Secretary David Miliband - and am I alone in finding something rather eerie about him? - has announced that Britain will be burying its nuclear waste. Waste dumps will only be in `geologically stable' areas, and no area would be forced to have one, but local councils are going to be invited to volunteer, and the ones chosen as sites will "benefit from multi-million-pound investment."
Well that's just dandy. You can hear the great fat cats of local councils stirring from their sleep at the sound of the words `multi-million-pound investment,' can't you? All of a sudden that swimming pool or that new conservatory starts to look affordable - who's going to miss a couple of grand? And if the local populace do start to glow and two-headed children start running about, well, that's the price we pay for investment, isn't it? The government is bribing us to bury stuff beneath our feet that won't be safe until sometime after the fall of Western Civilisation, but at least we got a new civic centre out of it.
Yeah, this is a plan that's going to work really well.
On the other hand, I guess after a few years Britain will be over-run with superheroes...
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