December 15th, 2006


too much news

Well, at least now we know how much Occam's Razor costs...
After three years and £3.6 million, the investigation into the death of Diana and Dodi has delivered up an 832-page report telling us they were not assassinated by the British Security Service or Secret Intelligence Service acting on the orders of Prince Philip. Diana was not pregnant. They were not engaged. The car had not been tampered with.
Henri Paul was over the drink-drive limit and doing about 60 mph when he clipped the kerb in the Alma tunnel and hit the pillar. End of story.
Whether this immensely-expensive statement of the obvious will quiet the conspiracy theorists is anyone's guess; a glance at the front page of today's Express which labels the report a whitewash suggests not.

There is much news today, which is a good excuse to try out the cut.
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