February 2nd, 2007


two days of news

Well, we're now officially just two weeks away from starting work on our loft conversion and the construction of The Bedroom In The Sky. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of packing and moving to be done and I did some of it last weekend after an RSI-producing week at work, and I put my shoulder out. I went into work on Monday and did some useful stuff, but was in quite a lot of pain. When this all started about twenty years ago, my GP said, "Do you do a lot of typing?" I said, "Yes," and she said, "Stop." Being in a job in which typing plays quite a large part, I had to tell her that this wasn't really an option, so she told me to rest when I got an attack, and take anti-inflammatories. I've usually had to ignore this advice, for various reasons, but last week was pretty bad so I took a couple of days off work and spent them mostly flat on my back, off my face on ibuprofen and marinating in Deep Heat. Hey, it works for me. Until the next time, anyway.
Anyway, so there I was, unable to do much more than watch television - and let me tell you, daytime television in Britain is pretty awful, a concatenation of ancient repeats, Springer-style...(I don't know what the hell you call them, chat shows? Redneck television?) and shows like Murder, She Wrote and Diagnosis Murder, punctuated by adverts for insurance and personal loans. I did discover that it's only possible to watch The Jeremy Kyle Show through the gaps between your fingers. It makes Jerry Springer look like something scripted by Beckett.
So I stuck the rolling news on and sort of half-dozed, half-woke up through it, and while I did...

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