February 8th, 2007


let's talk about the weather

Quote from last night's Evening Standard - `Transport for London said it was ready for whatever weather came its way.'
Fifteen hours and about two inches of snow later, this from the BBC - `On the Tube in London, many services have been affected and a Transport for London spokeswoman said staff were working to clear platforms which had been closed because of the weather.'
Perversely - and anyone who regularly uses First Capital Connect, the company which runs the trains I use, will be familiar with this - my train was only ten minutes late. It sort of crept into King's Cross, but it got me there. The connection I got from there to City Thameslink, however, was running two hours late. But I was in the office no later than I was yesterday, when I was forty minutes late because of overhead line problems at Alexandra Palace. I've only had one trouble-free commuting day this year so far, so it barely registered. Getting home again might be trickier, though.

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