February 26th, 2007


and now the screaming starts..

I wish I could express to you, in words, or music, or possibly even through the medium of dance, the sense of dread that settled over me as I walked down our street on Tuesday evening and saw that our house was surrounded by scaffolding. Yes, the building work has begun.
Actually there was a sort of Phony War period last week, as it took the scaffolders a few days to finish, but things kicked off in earnest at 8.30 this morning with the arrival of a kind of multinational force of builders and plumbers. The flat is in a state literally beyond description. The Little Room With All The Boxes is just Boxes for the moment - no Room - but I have to clear that out in a week or so for some interior work, so all the boxes will have to go into The Big Room With The Television, and then will have to be moved back.
I had to pack up my PC because there's no room to work in The Little Room... and nowhere else to set it up. So I could stay in touch with folks for the next six weeks or so (and I do email, I really do) and do some work if the urge to write ever comes over me again, I went out and bought myself a laptop. The laptop was full of Vista, which is mighty purty to look at. What it didn't have was an antivirus program or Word, which I'd sort of assumed were basic components of a computer these days and which I've had to go out and buy separately. I also had to buy some peripherals, some of which were more impressive than others. They should put a sign next to the display models in electronics shops: `This computer looks great but it requires a whole load of other shit to make it useful and we don't give you that.'
I've been told to expect a six-week build, which means the major work should be over by April 6 - Good Friday, rather appropriately. Then we have to put in a new kitchen and have the central heating done. Then the decorating. Then probably new carpets. I figure it'll all be done around the start of Autumn.
The countdown starts here...

PS - the map thing says someone from Birmingham, AL, looked in. Louis, was that you...?
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