April 1st, 2007


and now the screaming starts...part four

Five weeks in, and if everything runs to schedule next week will be the final week of the loft conversion. In case anyone is keeping track, yes, it did get cold, and yes, it did snow, and when the stairs finally went in I popped up to have a look and found that, though the windows had been installed, there were four whacking great holes above them, through which the Outside was getting In.
I have been colder; the place I lived in during my final year in Nottingham was so cold that I was going to bed wearing pyjamas, jeans, a sweater and three pairs of socks, and I accepted it as part of the Experience. However, fancy living in the years since has turned me into a wimp and I did not enjoy seeing my breath as I stood in our bedroom at half past nine in the evening. Or shaving the next morning. Or anything the next morning, actually.
So, bored Villagers, where are we now? As I said, the stairs are in. The Bedroom In The Sky is three-quarters windowed (and the last window blocked off with a hardboard offcut) insulated, floored, plasterboarded, plumbed and wired. I offer you these:

to give you an idea what has gone on.

The Little Room With The Boxes is somewhat Littler to make room for the stairs, something which may or may not become a point of contention. Maybe I should stop whining and just be thankful I will have a room to put my books in and work, but once the shelves are up it will be very Little. Or cosy, depending on whether you ask me or Bogna.

Next week will be exciting. The Bathroom In The Sky will be installed, the flat will be invaded by plasterers, the radiators will be put in, and by Friday, God willing, it will all be over.
And then we're going to have the kitchen done...
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and now the screaming starts...part four (a)

I should put in a word here for Danny and Tom, the builders who have done all the heavy lifting in this project, aided by a rotating cast of electricians, plasterers, roofers and plumbers. Particularly Tom, who went out to see his brother's band in Camden on Wednesday night, got attacked by some asshole, spent Thursday in hospital, and turned up for work on Friday morning. If it had happened to me you wouldn't have seen me at work for a couple of weeks. `Nuff respect.
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