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The Villages

Date: 2007-06-25 13:23
Subject: last days
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So it was a coronation after all. Presumably nobody had the balls to run against Gordon Brown as leader of the Labour Party because they were terrified of what he would do to them if they lost. And they were probably right to be afraid, which I guess tells you all you need to know about the party which is currently ruling us.
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Date: 2007-06-25 22:18
Subject: in which these `what....are you' quizzes finally jump the shark...
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Music:the smiths
Found over at quietselkie's place...

Your Score: Semicolon

You scored 0% Sociability and 82% Sophistication!

Congratulations! You are the semicolon! You are the highest expression of punctuation; no one has more of a right to be proud. In the hands of a master, you will purr, sneering at commas, dismissing periods as beneath your contempt. You separate and connect at the same time, and no one does it better. The novice will find you difficult to come to terms with, but you need no one. You are secure in your elegance, knowing that you, and only you, have the power to mark the skill or incompetence of the craftsman. You have no natural enemies; all fear you. And never, NEVER let anyone tell you that you cannot appear in dialogue!

Link: The Which Punctuation Mark Are You Test written by Gazda on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

and then again...:


Mingle2 - Free Online Dating

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