August 27th, 2007


tradition! TRADITION!

It was our 16th wedding anniversary last week (the same day as the anniversary of the 1991 August Coup in the Soviet Union, which does concentrate your mind wonderfully when your wedding's in Poland - I must be the only Brit ever to have his wedding reception interrupted by someone coming in and saying, "The coup's over! Gorbachev's been released!") so I booked us into the Strand Palace in town and we went to see Fiddler On The Roof at the Savoy Theatre.
What a great show. The whole cast were wonderful, but Henry Goodman as Tevye was outstanding. I've seen the film before, but I'd forgotten quite how bleak the ending is - one daughter in Siberia, another estranged, the population of Anatevka forced to leave, scattered across Europe and America. Not what you usually expect from a musical.
Still, it was thoroughly enjoyable and I liked the Savoy Theatre (the first public building in the world to be entirely lit by electricity, oh best beloved) a lot.
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