December 10th, 2007

Honey Badger

schadenfreude corner

Conrad Black has been lucky. Not that he'll see it that way, having just been sentenced to six and a half years in jail on three counts of fraud and one of obstructing justice, but the prosecution were calling for up to twenty-four and he seemed certain to be facing at least a ten-stretch, so in those terms he seems to have had a result. He could, had the judge been in the right frame of mind, have spent the rest of his life in prison. As it is, if he serves the whole six and a half years, he'll be around seventy when he gets out.
He still seems to believe he did nothing wrong, and presumably he'll still believe that when he finishes his sentence. I can't remember who said "The rich are not like you and I." Was it Hemingway? Fitzgerald?

Edit - oh, and I notice in The Guardian that he'll be doing his time at `...a minimum security prison near his beachside mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.' At least the climate'll be nice for him...
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