December 16th, 2007

crabby old man kitteh

reading the news (so you don't have to)

First up this evening when I booted up the laptop was the news that Tommy Sheridan has been arrested and charged with perjury. This comes after he won a long and eventful libel case against the News Of The World, which had alleged that he had taken drugs, attended orgies, and cheated on his wife. There was a great deal of conflicting evidence during the case, and the judge hearing it warned that a perjury investigation was well-nigh inevitable. Tommy Sheridan says the Murdoch press have it in for him. Developing...

A little while ago Boing Boing posted a link to John Scalzi's account of his visit to the Creationist Museum. And mighty amusing it is too. Although perhaps not quite so amusing in light of the news that we're going to have one here. Now, I believe very strongly in freedom of speech and freedom of religion, so from that standpoint I can find nothing to quibble about in this story. From what the people who are involved in the theme park say, they seem to have their hearts in the right place. But I feel the same kind of disquiet I felt when I first heard about faith schools. Free speech is one thing. Indoctrination is something else.

Over at The Observer, Henry Porter doles out a bit of a kicking to Polly Toynbee over the government's attacks on personal liberty. I like Porter's stuff.

And finally, it's been announced that Chris De Burgh will be playing a gig in Iran. I'll leave you to make up your own jokes.
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