January 27th, 2008


wait! he's not depressed, he's...

For those of you not familiar with Radio 4's The News Quiz, it's a satirical sort-of panel game dealing with the news events of the previous week. It's very funny and I urge everyone to give it a listen here. If you haven't got time to listen, you can download it as a podcast and listen at your leisure.
Anyway, one of the features of the show is amusing stories or adverts culled from the papers and various news media, and last week they read out part of this from The Utne Reader, a site I was previously unfamiliar with.
I can't decide whether this is a true story or no. The attribution at the bottom describes it as a `satirical piece,' and I can't find it in Positivenews's archive - it's about three years old. Anyway, I think it's howlingly funny in a very dry sort of way, and I know someone out there who will pop in and tell you all that George Farthing and I are soul brothers.
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new writings in the fantastic 2

I still think this is tempting fate, but here is the track listing for New Writings In The Fantastic 2. It's still a little provisional - I'm still waiting to see if one story is still available - but, well, here it is. There's still a bit of copy-editing to do and then I have to proof it, but, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we are pretty much ready to fold up the tents and take this show on the road.
Here is the roll of honour.
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