February 4th, 2008


oh, how much longer is this going to go on?

This story is a few days old, but I wanted to share it with you before I drag myself into bed. Apparently, according to a study, depression can be age-related, with 44 the age at which we're most prone to it. According to the study, you only start coming out of the depression in your 50s.
Which is no great comfort to me. I've been miserable as sin most of my life, and I still have a couple of years before I hit fifty and I can start to smile again.
On the other hand, it's something to look forward to, if I live that long.

Nighty-night, villagers, wherever you are.
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radioactive cat

the biggest movie ad in history?

In some of the papers today I noticed this story, about an immense smiley-face on the surface of Mars, photographed from orbit.
Now, bearing in mind that the film version of Watchmen is in production at the moment, and there's a frame in the graphic novel more or less identical to this, I do have to rub my chin and go, "Hmm..."
Incidentally, am I alone in finding the Telegraph rather charming in feeling that they have to describe it as an `acid house' smiley face?
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the bsfa is only a couple of years older than me

This year, the British Science Fiction Association celebrates its fiftieth birthday (which means, if we believe the information in an earlier post, it'll start to get much happier now) and to mark the occasion the mighty NewCon Press will be launching two new anthologies at EasterCon. Have a look, and see if you can spot the odd man out.
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