March 14th, 2008



It's so very rare, when a child goes missing, for the story to have a happy ending that this took us all by surprise this afternoon.
Briefly, nine-year-old Shannon Matthews went missing almost a month ago on her way home after a swimming lesson in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. Today (and I don't know what the Telegraph means by `last night' unless this version of the story's going into tomorrow's paper, because the news started to break about three o'clock this afternoon) she was found, apparently unharmed. The circumstances were bizarre and it's alleged a member of her extended family was responsible. I guess the story behind this will come out in due course, but right now I'm just glad a lost child has come home.
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if it's friday night, it must be... of strange animals!
A couple of days ago pds_lit, knowing I'm a sucker for the weird, the wonderful and the downright cuddly of the animal kingdom, forwarded me an email packed to bursting with the little critters. Here, for your delectation, is a selection.

this is an emperor tamarin

this is a tarsier

this is a tapir

this is an angora rabbit

this is another angle on the LOLsloth, oh yes

and this is a saki monkey, which weirdly reminds me of someone I know, only I can't remember who.

Coming soon to a sig near you...


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match it for pratchett

match it for pratchett

I guess you've all heard by now that Terry Pratchett has donated a million bucks (a little less than half a million quid) to Alzheimer's Research.
There's - well, I guess it's a little bit early to call it a movement, but a wholly admirable suggestion from fandom that we do our bit and try to match his donation. It has a name - Match It For Pratchett - and there are even teeshirts.
But the most direct thing you can do is make a donation here, which I'm going to be doing. Apparently you can leave a note saying you're doing it to Match It For Pratchett.
Apart from being mordantly funny (the line about the dead mole made me laugh so much people in the office became concerned) what Terry says in his speech is right. Alzheimer's has always been a sort of shameful secret and, while no one in their right mind would grudge cancer research their funding, it's nothing short of a scandal that Alzheimer's research gets by on a fraction of the cancer budget.
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